Main: (Pyralidae / Phycitinae)
62.0151 [B&F: 1462a] Delplanqueia inscriptella (Duponchel, 1836)


Notes: The species on the British list known as D. dilutella is now known to be two species, with the sister being D. inscriptella, due to differences in the genitalia of both sexes (Leraut (2001)) and the latter species was added to the British list in 2015 (D. Agassiz, Ent. Rec.127)

Old records ascribed to dilutella are most likely to refer to inscriptella, although to date only a few from the Isle of Wight have been confirmed by dissection; the mapped distribution shown here therefore should be taken as unconfirmed.

All records of Deplanqueia species must be confirmed by dissection to be acceptable.

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