Main: (Pyralidae / Phycitinae)
62.063 [B&F: 1475] Mediterranean Flour Moth (Ephestia kuehniella) Zeller, 1879


Notes: Naturalised through accidental introduction in dried goods in barns, warehouses, granaries and container ports throughout much of the British Isles. In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight seldom recorded, but then seldom sought, inside flour mills and warehouses. Wingspan 20-25 mm. One of six very similar species of Ephestia found in the UK, which are generally separable only by dissection of the genitalia, most wild-caught individuals being E. unicolorella, with the other five species favouring warehouses. The largest Ephestia species, forewing darker grey than in the other species, discal dots more conspicuous and second line characteristically deeply indented near costa [Goater]. Larva feeds on wheat-flour, dried fruit, nuts, dried goods, cereals and grain, causing sufficient damage to be a serious pest in some areas.

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1-km square SU23421201981Not recorded
1-km square SU29461201951Not recorded
1-km square SU38121101951Not recorded
1-km square SU42151101951Not recorded
1-km square SU46301101981Not recorded
1-km square SU51321201951Not recorded
1-km square SU74331201981Not recorded
1-km square SZ14931101981Not recorded
Botley Wood11020/04/1974Adult
Godshill, IoW10114/02/2002Adult
Park Gate11204/09/2004Adult
Shanklin (74/92/01)1001922Adult
West Park11105/04/2003Adult
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