Main: (Nepticulidae / Nepticulinae)
04.001 [B&F: 0118] Enteucha acetosae (Stainton, 1854)


Nationally scarce (Na) on heathland, dry pastures, chalk downland and cliff-tops in parts of south-eastern England, rare elsewhere. Very few records in Hampshire, although several were found on Petersfield Heath, and nearby in Oakhanger in 2011; prior to this known only from Longmoor where found in 1976. Very old records exist for Woodfidley in South Hampshire, and two possibly unverifiable records for the Isle of Wight from the Victorian History of the island. With a wingspan 3-4 mm, Britain's smallest moth. Most frequently recorded in the larval stage, when mines are relatively easy to find where they are present. Larva mines leaves of Sheep's Sorrel and Common Sorrel, over-wintering as a pupa. The mines are described in the following link:

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Detail records

VC10 Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight (SZ57)1894-Hervey, ACLarval
Niton (SZ57)1900-Vic County HistoryMine
VC11 South Hampshire
Woodfidley (SU30)1894-UnknownLarval
Petersfield Heath Pond (SU72)14-Sep-2011-Langmaid, JohnMine
Petersfield Heath (SU72)17-Sep-2011-Davis, Tony Mine
Petersfield Heath Pond (SU72)17-Oct-2011-Langmaid, John & Young, MarkMine
VC12 North Hampshire
Longmoor (SU83)1975twoFfennell, DWHLarval
Longmoor (SU72)25-May-1976-Ffennell, DWHLarval
Shortheath Common, Oakhanger (SU73)23-Sep-2011sevenDavis, Tony Mine

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