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07.003 [B&F: 0146] Nemophora cupriacella (Hübner, [1819])


Nationally scarce (Nb) in dry grassland and on downland throughout much of England; rare in Wales and Ireland. Very rare in south Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight, with only one record this century, at Monkham Copse. Wingspan 12-16 mm. Larva feeds on seeds of Devil's-bit Scabious, Field Scabious and Small Scabious, subsequently feeding in the fallen leaves, living within a movable case.

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VC10 Isle of Wight
Monkham Copse (SZ48)05-Aug-2006oneKnill-Jones, SA; Norriss, TJAdult
Cranmore (SZ38)23-Jul-2014oneHarvey, MCAdult
Ningwood Common (SZ38)23-Jul-2014oneHarvey, MCAdult
Walter's Copse (SZ49)08-Aug-2014onePlummer, SAdult
Newtown NNR (SZ49)08-Jul-2015oneBarden, PAdult
Bouldnor Copse (SZ39)11-Aug-2015oneBone, NAdult
Walter's Copse (SZ49)27-Aug-2015onePlummer, SAdult
VC11 South Hampshire
Brockenhurst (SU30)1920-Digby, CAdult
Broughton Down (SU23)1971-Ffennell, DWH-
Oxenbourne Down (SU71)18-Aug-1972oneDickson, RJAdult
Botley Wood (SU51)12-Aug-1974oneDickson, RJAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)03-Aug-1985-Langmaid, JR; Sterling, DH; Sterling, MJAdult
Oxenbourne Down (SU71)14-Jul-1998sixLangmaid, JR; Thirlwell, IRAdult
Portsdown (SU60)22-Jul-2011oneDickson, RJAdult
Timsbury (SU32)03-Jul-2015oneRackham, TAdult
VC12 North Hampshire
Harewood Forest (SU44)02-Jul-1974oneAppleton, DAdult
Leckford (SU33)1980oneSterling, DHAdult

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