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11.010 [B&F: 0183] Bacotia claustrella (Bruand, 1845)


Rare (proposed as a future Red Data Book species) in woodland in the southern counties of England, as far north as Worcestershire. In Hampshire recorded in recent years only from Fleet, previously known from Havant Thicket, Leckford and Stockbridge Down. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan male 13-15 mm, female wingless. The adult moths are seen occasionally, but most records are of larval cases. Larva feeds on lichens growing on tree trunks, living within a movable case.

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Detail records

VC11 South Hampshire
Havant Thicket (SU71)20-Mar-1996oneLangmaid, JR; O'Keeffe, DCase
Havant Thicket (SU71)14-Mar-1997oneLangmaid, John & Thirlwell, IanCase
VC12 North Hampshire
Stockbridge Down (SU33)06-Apr-1980-Langmaid, JR; Sterling, DH; Sterling, PHCase
Stockbridge Down (SU33)16-Apr-1984oneLangmaid, JR; Pelham-Clinton, EC; Emmet, AMCase
Leckford (SU33)20-Apr-1993twoLangmaid, JR; Sterling, DHCase
Fleet (SU85)18-Mar-2006oneEdmunds, RDLarval

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