Appendix A: (Tineidae / Setomorphinae)
12.0441 [B&F: 0209] Tropical Tobacco Moth (Setomorpha rutella) Zeller, 1852


Recorded just once in Britain: a dead female was found in a cargo of sunflower seed meal from Argentina in a London dock on 23 November 1944. Not recorded in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 9-22 mm. Similar to Lindera tessellatella. Both species have the head-scales directed forward (erect in most other Tineidae), but S. rutella is smaller than L. tessellatella and is brown, speckled with dark brown or black (MBGBI Vol 2). Larva feeds on dried goods, cereals, grain, rice, nuts, seeds and other dry vegetable matter.

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