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12.028 [B&F: 0243] Tinea dubiella Stainton, 1859


Nationally scarce (Na) in Britain, north to Argyll, once common, but has declined rapidly in recent years. Almost entirely overlooked until 1979, when about half the Case-bearing Clothes Moth T. pellionella in British collections were reidentified as T. dubiella. In Hampshire there are just a handful of records, and the species has not been recorded on the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 9-15 mm. Flies in late afternoon, probably in two generations and frequents interior of houses, bird nests, barns, warehouses and granaries. Larva feeds on woollen materials, fur, feathers, hair, owl pellets, detritus in bird nests and stored goods, living within a silken case, causing sufficient damage to be a serious pest in some areas.

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Detail records

VC10 Isle of Wight
Freshwater (SZ38)10-Aug-2017oneCooke, Dave Adult
VC11 South Hampshire
Stanswood Valley (SU40)01-May-2005-Elliott, Brian Larval
Waterlooville (SU61)23-Jul-2005oneMoore, RJAdult
Waterlooville (SU61)06-Jun-2006oneMoore, Richard J Adult
Waterlooville (SU61)07-Jul-2006oneMoore, Richard J Adult
VC12 North Hampshire
Itchen Wood (SU53)09-Jul-1966oneFfennell, DWHAdult
Wildhern (SU35)29-Sep-1996-Green, David G Adult

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