Main: (Ypsolophidae / Ochsenheimeriinae)
17.016 [B&F: 0253] Cereal Stem Moth (Ochsenheimeria vacculella) Fischer von Röslerstamm, 1842


Nationally scarce (Na) in open woodland, grassland and around arable fields, sometimes exploiting outhouses, in which it may aestivate, in parts of England. In Hampshire the only good records are of one at Southwick in 1987 and of several moths together under the bark of a larch on Teg Down in 1990. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan male 11-12 mm, female 12-14 mm. Larva mines stems and leaves of Rye, Perennial Rye-grass, Sheep's-fescue and various grasses, over-wintering as an egg.

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VC11 South Hampshire
Southwick (SU60)19-Jul-1987oneLangmaid, JohnAdult
Teg Down, Winchester (SU42)02-Sep-1990eightLangmaid, JR; Hoare, RJBAdult

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