Appendix A: (Castniidae / Castniinae)
51.0001 [B&F: 0384a] Palm Moth (Paysandisia archon) (Burmeister, 1880)


Recorded infrequently through accidental importation in palm trees. Originally a native of Argentina, the species has a long history of establishment in Europe, finally becoming widespread in France and Spain in the mid 1990s. On 13 August 2002, first recorded in Britain in warm sunny weather at Bosham, West Sussex; subsequently four live adults were found indoors in May 2007 in an office building in Kent, having emerged from a 5m tall Canary Island Date Palm. Not recorded in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 90-110 mm. Larva feeds within stems and trunks of palm trees, over-wintering once as a larva and once as a pupa.

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