Main: (Argyresthiidae / Argyresthiinae)
20.001 [B&F: 0401] Argyresthia laevigatella Herrich-Schäffer, 1855


Local in woodland and plantations throughout the British Isles, although not recorded from northern Scotland, the Outer Hebrides, Orkney or Shetland (MBGBI Vol 3). In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight numerous records in the south of the county and a few for the north, but only one from the Isle of Wight. Wingspan 9-13 mm. Very similar to A. glabratella, from which perhaps best separated by the paler grey forewing A. glabratella, but females can be separated by dissection of the genitalia. Larva mines shoots of European Larch, causing sufficient damage to be a serious pest in some areas.

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Detail records

VC8 Wiltshire (Hants county)
West Park (SU11)17-Jun-2002oneGreen, DGAdult
West Park (SU11)16-Jul-2002oneGreen, DGAdult
VC10 Isle of Wight
Parkhurst Forest (SZ49)15-May-1983-Langmaid, JR; Sterling, PHLarval feeding signs
VC11 South Hampshire
Hut Wood (SU41)1900-CorderAdult
Southampton (SU41)09-Jun-1936-Fassnidge, WAdult
Farley Mount (SU42)26-Jun-1937-Fassnidge, WAdult
Parkhill Inclosure (SU30)1960-Agassiz, DJLAdult
Lyndhurst (SU30)1960-Ffennell, DWHAdult
Ampfield (SU32)1960-Ffennell, DWHAdult
Southampton (SU41)1960-Agassiz, DJLAdult
Upham (SU52)1975-Ffennell, DWHAdult
Braishfield (SU32)1975-Langmaid, JR-
Catisfield (SU50)03-Jul-1975oneDickson, RJAdult
Havant Thicket (SU71)14-Apr-1979-Sterling, DHLarval
Sparsholt (SU43)27-Apr-1979-Sterling, DHLarval
Southwick (SU60)26-Apr-1980-Langmaid, JRLarval
Havant Thicket (SU71)11-May-1980-Langmaid, JRLarval
Southsea (SZ69)19-Jun-1981oneLangmaid, JRAdult
Winchester (SU42)08-Jun-1982-Sterling, DHAdult
Emer Bog NR (SU32)23-Apr-1984-Langmaid, JR; Sterling, DH, PH & MJLarval
Hayling Island (SZ79)01-Jun-1986oneWalters, JAdult
Emer Bog NR (SU32)18-Apr-1987oneLangmaid, JR; Sterling, DH; Sterling, PHPupal
Southsea (SZ69)05-Jul-1987oneLangmaid, JRAdult
Southsea (SZ69)01-Jul-1995oneLangmaid, JRAdult
Southwick (SU60)14-May-2003oneLangmaid, JR; Thirlwell, IRLarval feeding signs
Ashurst, NF (SU31)23-May-2008oneGodfrey, KAdult
Busketts Wood, Ashurst (SU31)31-May-2008threeGodfrey, KAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)31-May-2009oneGodfrey, KAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)03-Jun-2009oneGodfrey, KAdult
Winchester (SU42)16-Jul-2010oneWalker, THAdult
Winchester (SU42)23-Jul-2010oneWalker, THAdult
Sandy Point LNR (SZ79)01-Jun-2011oneJohnson, AAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)19-Jun-2013oneGodfrey, KAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)20-Jun-2013oneGodfrey, KAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)19-Jul-2013oneGodfrey, KAdult
Gosport (SU60)25-Jul-2017oneIlsley, KAdult
Southsea (SZ69)13-Jul-2019oneLangmaid, JRAdult
Stoney Moor, NF (SZ29)15-Jul-2019-Lewis, CAdult
VC12 North Hampshire
Alice Holt (SU84)1960-Winter, TGAdult
Leckford (SU33)1960-Ffennell, DWHAdult
Chilbolton (SU34)1960-Ffennell, DWHAdult
Morgaston Wood (SU65)05-Jun-2010oneWall, MJAdult
Morgaston Wood (SU65)06-May-2011oneWall, MJAdult
Chawton Park Wood, Medstead (SU63)29-May-2011oneDenton, JSAdult

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