Main: (Yponomeutidae / Yponomeutinae)
16.021 [B&F: 0442] Cedestis gysseleniella Zeller, 1839


Local in pine woodland throughout much of England and Scotland, except the far north, the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland (MBGBI Vol 3). In Hampshire chiefly recorded from Botley Wood and in the north-east from Pamber Forest to the Deadwater Valley. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 11-13 mm. Larva mines needles of Scots Pine, Corsican Pine and Maritime Pine, subsequently living within a silken web.

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Detail records

VC11 South Hampshire
Catisfield (SU50)13-Jul-1972oneDickson, RJAdult
Emer Bog NR (SU32)04-May-1987twoLangmaid, JR; Sterling, DHLarval
Southsea (SZ69)06-Jul-1987oneLangmaid, JRAdult
Botley Wood (SU50)17-Jun-1993oneLangmaid, JR; Palmer, RMAdult
Southsea (SZ69)25-Jun-1995oneLangmaid, JRAdult
Botley Wood (SU51)01-Jul-1998oneDickson, RJAdult
Funtley (SU50)12-Jun-2004oneOpie, MAdult
Botley Wood (SU51)13-Jun-2008oneDavis, AMAdult
Hurn (SZ19)30-Jun-2010oneJeffes, MAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)03-Jun-2011oneGodfrey, KAdult
Hurn (SZ19)03-Jun-2011oneJeffes, MAdult
Portchester (SU60)17-Jul-2013oneFry, DAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)18-Jul-2013oneGodfrey, KAdult
VC12 North Hampshire
Whitemoor Vale (SU83)26-Jul-1977twoDickson, RJAdult
Farnborough (SU85)09-Jul-1995oneParfitt, RWAdult
Miles Hill (SU85)2001oneDenton, JSAdult
Yateley Heath (SU85)20-Jun-2002oneDavis, AMAdult
Bramshill Common (SU76)25-Jun-2002oneDavis, AMAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)22-Jun-2003oneDennis, GJAdult
Fleet (SU85)29-Mar-2005oneEdmunds, RDLarval
Fleet (SU75)19-Apr-2006twoEdmunds, RDLarval
Basingstoke (SU65)17-Jul-2006oneWall, MJAdult
Basingstoke (SU65)19-Jul-2006oneWall, MJAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)07-Jun-2008oneGreen, DGAdult
Deadwater Valley (SU83)13-Jun-2009oneMontegriffo, NJ; Wall, MJAdult
Basingstoke (SU65)18-Jul-2013oneWall, MJAdult
Farnborough (SU85)21-Jul-2013oneWills, KBAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)30-Jun-2015oneDennis, GJAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)16-Jul-2015oneDennis, GJAdult
Andover (SU34)05-Jul-2018oneNorriss, TJAdult

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