Main: (Coleophoridae / Coleophorinae)
37.031 [B&F: 0514] Coleophora ahenella Heinemann, [1876]


Nationally scarce (Na) on chalk downland and heathland in south-central England, where restricted to Hampshire and adjoining counties. In Hampshire recorded from the New Forest, where cases are found on trunks of Alder Buckthorn, and on the chalk, where found in small numbers in scrub containing Buckthorn. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 10-13 mm. The main confusion species is C. potentillae but usually slightly larger and with small differences in the coloration of the inner side of the labial palpus and the hindleg (MBGBI Vol 3). Larva mines leaves of Buckthorn or Alder Buckthorn, living within a movable case; case length 5.5-7 mm.

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VC11 South Hampshire
Matley Bog, NF (SU30)1982-Langmaid, JR-
Matley Bog, New Forest (SU30)06-Sep-1982oneLangmaid, JR; Pelham-Clinton, EC; Emmet, AM; Bradley, JDCase
West Wood, Sparsholt (SU42)14-Oct-1984oneLangmaid, JR; Sterling, DHCase
King's Somborne (SU33)02-Sep-1990oneLangmaid, JR; Hoare, RJBCase
Portsdown (SU60)06-Oct-1999-Langmaid, John & Thirlwell, IanCase
Culverley, NF (SU30)04-Jul-2002oneElliott, Brian Case
Pig Bush (SU30)04-Jul-2002oneElliott, Brian & Langmaid, JohnCase
St Catherine's Hill, Winchester (SU42)24-Sep-2003oneElliott, Brian & Langmaid, JohnCase
VC12 North Hampshire
Leckford Estate (SU33)06-Oct-1979threeLangmaid, JR; Sterling, DH; Sterling, PHCase
Chilbolton Down (SU43)20-Sep-1980-Langmaid, JR; Heckford, RJCase
Leckford Estate (SU33)28-Sep-1980sixLangmaid, JR; Sterling, DH; Sterling, PHCase
Leckford Estate (SU33)14-Jul-1985oneLangmaid, JR; Pelham-Clinton, EC; Sterling, DHCase
Chilbolton Down (SU43)20-Aug-1991oneLangmaid, JR; Goater, BCase
Bramdean Common (SU62)08-Oct-1996-Langmaid, JR; Emmet, AM; Thirlwell, IRCase
Alresford (SU53)15-Jul-2001-Langmaid, JohnLarval feeding signs
West Down, Chilbolton (SU33)12-Sep-2002-Elliott, Brian & Langmaid, JohnCase
Ash Warren (SU55)02-Oct-2004oneDennis, GrahamMine
Leckford Estate (SU33)05-Nov-2007-Elliott, Brian & Langmaid, JohnLarval feeding signs

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