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38.021 [B&F: 0593b] Elachista tengstromi Kaila, Bengtsson, Ć ulcs & Junnilainen, 2001


Status insufficiently known (thought likely to be a future Red Data Book species), Found in woodland in parts of Britain, although distribution poorly know due to having previously been lumped with E. regificella and only recognised as a separate species in 2001, when the two species were split. In Hampshire known to occur in a few woods in the south of the county, including Havant Thicket and Crab Wood, Sparsholt. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 7-9.3 mm. Larva mines leaves of Hairy Wood-rush. Probably more widespread than the extent of available records indicate, due to its relatively recent discovery.

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VC11 South Hampshire
Havant Thicket (SU71)13-Apr-1985-Langmaid, JR; Pelham-Clinton, ECLarval
Crab Wood, Sparsholt (SU42)19-Apr-1986-Langmaid, JR; Pelham-Clinton, EC; Sterling, DHLarval
Crab Wood, Sparsholt (SU42)12-Mar-1997twoLangmaid, John & Dickson, RIchardMine

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