Main: (Elachistidae / Elachistinae)
38.010 [B&F: 0616] Elachista bedellella (Sircom, 1848)


Nationally scarce (Nb) in dry open areas throughout much of England, as far north as the Lake District, but most frequent in the south. In Hampshire there are records from Portsdown, Martin Down and Oxenbourne Down, and on the Isle of Wight, from Tennyson Down, but none since 1993. Wingspan 7-8 mm. The white terminal cilia beyond the dark ciliary line are shared with E. littoricola from which it can be separated by the absence of an ochreous patch at the base of the dorsum of the forewing (MBGBI Vol 3). Larva mines leaves of Meadow Oat-grass.

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Detail records

VC8 Wiltshire (Hants county)
Martin Down (SU01)08-Jun-1992-Langmaid, JR; Palmer, RMAdult
VC10 Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight (SZ48)1900-Vic County History-
Freshwater (SZ38)1909-Bankes, ER-
Tennyson Down (SZ38)18-May-1992oneLangmaid, JR; Sterling, DH, PH & MJAdult
Brook Down Quarry (SZ38)12-Jul-201815Barden, PAdult
VC11 South Hampshire
Southampton (SU41)20-May-1932fourFassnidge, WAdult
Southampton (SU41)02-Jul-1932threeFassnidge, WAdult
Winchester (SU42)01-May-1934oneFassnidge, WAdult
Winchester (SU42)11-Jul-1935sixFassnidge, WAdult
Portsdown (SU60)27-Apr-1986-Langmaid, JRLarval
Portsdown (SU60)01-May-1986-Langmaid, JRLarval
Portsdown (SU60)17-Jul-1986-Langmaid, JR; Sterling, DHMine
Portsdown (SU60)23-Apr-1987-Langmaid, JR; Sterling, DHLarval
Portsdown (SU60)23-May-1987-Langmaid, JR; Pelham-Clinton, ECAdult
Portsdown (SU60)01-May-1989twoDickson, RJMine
Portsdown (SU60)01-May-1989twoLangmaid, JR; Dickson, RJMine
Oxenbourne Down (SU71)13-Aug-1993twoLangmaid, JR; Goater, BAdult
Stubbington (SU50)28-Jul-2011oneHoughton, DAdult
VC12 North Hampshire
Chilbolton (SU34)1959-Ffennell, DWH-

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