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32.025 [B&F: 0694] Agonopterix nanatella (Stainton, 1849)


Nationally scarce (Nb) on calcareous grassland in England, mainly in the south. Recorded in Hampshire in the literature, but details obscure, and from the Isle of Wight at Freshwater in 1947. Wingspan 14-17 mm. Confusion species include A. carduella, in which the forewing is pinkish, with a pair of obliquely placed black dots in the disc at one-third, A. assimilella, in which the forewing has a row of terminal dark fuscous dots on the apex of the hindwing, and A. kuznetzovi , in which the forewing has a black dot on the dorsum near the base, and a terminal row of dark fuscous dots (MBGBI Vol 4 part 1). Larva mines leaves of Carline Thistle, living and feeding within a spun or rolled leaf.

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Detail records

VC10 Isle of Wight
Shanklin (SZ58)1856-IWNHSAdult
Bembridge Down (SZ68)1900-Vic County HistoryAdult
Freshwater (SZ38)1947oneBlair, Dr K.G.Adult
Bembridge & Culver Downs (SZ68)1974-Goater, B-

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