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33.005 [B&F: 0722] Ethmia pyrausta (Pallas, 1771)


Endangered (proposed as a future Red Data Book species) and restricted in Britain to the Scottish Highlands, where first discovered in May 1853 on the banks of the River Shin. Not seen again until it was rediscovered, somewhat unexpectedly, in 1996 at an altitude of about 1000 m in the Cairngorms (MBGBI Vol 4 part 1). Subsequently, one was found on 28 May 2001 resting on a snow bed at 810 m at the head of a feeder burn to Loch Vrotachan on the NNW end of Cairnwell, Aberdeenshire, and one was found on 8 May 2008 by a bridge over the River Averon close to Loch Morie, East Ross-shire. Unlikely to be recorded in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight. Wingspan 17-23 mm. Larva feeds on Lesser Meadow-rue and Alpine Meadow-rue, living between flowers and leaves spun together with silk, over-wintering as a pupa.

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