Main: (Gelechiidae / Anomologinae)
35.043 [B&F: 0784] Bryotropha galbanella (Zeller, 1839)


Nationally scarce (Na) in pine and larch woodland in parts of Scotland. Unlikely to be recorded in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight. Wingspan 14-18 mm. Male can be confused with male B. boreella, which is usually are smaller and darker, lacking ochreous scales in the forewing; in B. galbanella the inside of the labial palpus is more or less pale yellow, in B. boreella it is pale grey, this distinguishes even the very dark forms of B. galbanella, which are otherwise very similar (MBGBI Vol 4 part 2). Larva feeds on various mosses, living within a silken tube or tent.

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