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35.124 [B&F: 0823] Scrobipalpula diffluella (Frey, 1870)


Extinct in the British Isles, formerly in saltmarshes in parts of Kent and Essex. Added to the British list in 1965 following the genitalic determination of three males in the BMNH, which had been taken in Kent in 1850, Essex in 1899 and Kent in 1926, and were initially misidentified as three other species. Unlikely to be recorded in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight. Wingspan 11-12 mm. Thyme Moth Scrobipalpa artemisiella has a darker brown forewing, often becoming paler dorsally, and segment 3 of the labial palpus is generally dark fuscous with some buffish scaling; Scrobipalpa instabilella usually has a greater wingspan, the labial palpus is buff and segment 3 is usually ringed fuscous both basally and apically; Scrobipalpa acuminatella usually has the ferruginous scaling forming rather diffuse longitudinal streaks, often obsolete, the labial palpus is buff and segment 3 is not ringed fuscous basally, but is ringed fuscous apically; Scrobipalpula diffluella also differs from these by the more speckled appearance of the thorax and forewing; very similar to Scrobipalpula tussilaginis, which see. Larva feeds on Blue Fleabane.

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