Appendix A: (Batrachedridae / Batrachedrinae)
36.0021 [B&F: 0879a] Batrachedra parvulipunctella Chr├ętien, 1915


Suspected rare immigrant, or perhaps accidentally imported, from reed-beds in southern Europe. Recorded for the first time on 18 August 1991 at Cadgwith, Cornwall, with no further records to date. Not recorded in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 11-15 mm. Main confusion species is B. pinicolella, which has smaller wingspan and darker yellow forewing and greyish brown costal streak before the apex (MBGBI Vol 4 part 1), however, certain identification is only possible by dissection of the genitalia. Larva feeds on waxy secretions of the coccid Aclerda berlesei; no evidence of breeding in the UK.

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