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40.014 [B&F: 0881] Mompha terminella (Humphreys & Westwood, 1845)


Nationally scarce (Nb) in shady woodland throughout much of England and Wales. Widely distributed across Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight, but very infrequently recorded and probably absent from much of north-east Hampshire. Wingspan 7-9 mm. Could be confused with M. locupletella, but smaller and darker, and with cilia pale dorsally. Larva mines leaves of Enchanter's-nightshade, over-wintering as a pupa.

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Detail records

VC8 Wiltshire (Hants county)
West Park (SU11)06-Jul-2002oneGreen, David G Adult
VC10 Isle of Wight
Bouldnor (SZ39)1900-Blair, Dr K.G.Adult
Osborne House (SZ59)22-Aug-1998-Biggs, DTMine
Norris Wood (SZ59)22-Aug-1998-Biggs, DT-
Norris Wood (SZ59)22-Aug-1998-Biggs, David Larval
Norris Wood (SZ59)22-Aug-1998-Biggs, DTMine
Shanklin (SZ58)23-Aug-2003-Biggs, David Mine
Godshill (SZ58)12-Sep-2004oneCheverton, JMMine
Wroxall (SZ57)20-Sep-2008-Biggs, David Mine
Brighstone Forest (SZ48)29-Aug-2010-Biggs, David Mine
Shanklin (SZ58)30-May-2017oneOutlaw, Iain Adult
Freshwater (SZ38)22-Jul-2017-Plummer, Stephen Larval
Shanklin Chine (SZ58)27-Sep-2020-Barden, Phil Mine
Shanklin (SZ58)07-Oct-2020oneOutlaw, Iain Adult
VC11 South Hampshire
Ashurst, NF (SU31)11-Aug-1988-Langmaid, JR; Sterling, DHMine (vacated)
Emer Bog NR (SU32)03-Sep-1997-Langmaid, JR; Goater, BLarval
Roydon Woods NR (SU30)1998-Budd, Philip -
Roydon Woods NR (SZ39)1998-Budd, Philip -
Hookheath Meadows NR, Southwick (SU60)21-Aug-1999-Langmaid, JR; Koster, JC; Dickson, RJ; Van der Wolf, HMine
Hookheath Meadows NR, Southwick (SU60)21-Aug-1999-Dickson, RichardMine
The Moors NR, Bishop's Waltham (SU51)02-Aug-2001-Langmaid, John & Young, MarkLarval
Corhampton (SU52)29-Aug-2001-Langmaid, John & Thirlwell, IanMine
Royal Victoria Country Park (SU40)11-Sep-2001-Budd, Philip Mine
Knight Wood (SU42)2003-Elliott, Brian Mine
West Walk, Wickham (SU61)27-Sep-2003twoLangmaid, John & Thirlwell, IanMine (vacated)
Emer Bog NR (SU32)22-Sep-2005twoLangmaid, John & Thirlwell, IanMine
Chandlers Ford (SU42)2006-Elliott, Brian Adult
Upham (SU52)23-Jun-2006oneDickson, RichardAdult
Chewton Common (SZ29)04-Sep-2009-Budd, Philip Mine
Southwick (SU60)29-Aug-2011oneLangmaid, John, M.R. & J.E. YoungMine (vacated)
Busketts Wood, Ashurst (SU31)04-Jun-201240Godfrey, Keith Mine
Hedge End (SU41)06-Aug-2012-Budd, Philip Mine
VC12 North Hampshire
Leckford Estate (SU33)31-Aug-1981-Langmaid, JR; Sterling, DHMine
Wildhern (SU35)26-Jun-2001oneGreen, David G Adult
Bransbury Common (SU44)26-Aug-2003-Budd, PAMine
Bransbury Common (SU44)26-Aug-2003oneBudd, Philip Mine
Old Basing (SU65)17-Jun-2005oneAndrews, J; Wall, MJAdult
VC22 West Berkshire (Hants county)
Mortimer (SU66)06-Aug-2003oneDennis, GrahamAdult

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