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49.0372 [B&F: N/A] Clepsis dumicolana (Zeller, 1847)


On the morning of 15 May 2014, a specimen of this species was observed on the east wall of the Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea (Middlesex, VC 21) resting on a leaf of ivy Hedera helix. In the afternoon of the same day more specimens were observed on this wall and in total 15 individuals were counted, some resting on the ivy while others were flying up and down the wall covered with this plant. It was observed at the site on multiple dates until the last on 9 July. It is a distinctive enough species, although duller, greyer specimens might be confused with Syndemis musculana, although this is most unlikely with the majority of individuals.

C. dumicolana is a southern European species currently expanding its range into central and northern Europe, probably imported with its food plant. In this century, it has also been reported from Switzerland, Austria, Germany (by 2007), The Netherlands and Belgium (2008).

Taken from: Pires, P, CLEPSIS DUMICOLANA (ZELLER, 1847) (LEP.: TORTRICIDAE), NEW TO BRITAIN (Entomologistís Rec. J. Var. 126, 2014)
Status update: 18/06/2018

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