Main: (Tortricidae / Tortricinae)
49.010 [B&F: 1009] Philedonides lunana (Thunberg, 1784)


Nationally scarce (Nb) on moorland and heathland throughout much of northern England, Scotland and Ireland. Unlikely to be recorded in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight. Wingspan 12-16 mm. The dark coloration of the fore- and hindwings, and the strongly pectinate antennae, are characteristic of the male; in the female the forewing is attenuated and the markings contrast with the greyish white ground colour [Bradley]. Larva feeds on Mint, Bog-myrtle, Cinquefoil, Common Valerian and Globeflower, living between flowers and leaves spun together with silk, over-wintering as a pupa.

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