Main: (Tortricidae / Olethreutinae)
49.296 [B&F: 1179] Notocelia incarnatana (Hübner, [1800])


Nationally scarce (Nb) in woodland, downland and sand-dunes in parts of England, Wales and Ireland, most numerous on the coast and generally scarce inland. In Hampshire recorded just twice, both at Stockbridge Down in the early 1990s. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 14-19 mm. Distinguished from E. roborana and other related species by the normally pronounced pink suffusion of the forewing ground colour [Bradley]. Larva feeds on Wild Rose, living within a spun or rolled leaf.

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VC12 North Hampshire
Stockbridge Down (SU33)14/08/1992oneR J HeckfordAdult
Stockbridge Down (SU33)30/07/1994oneR J HeckfordAdult

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