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49.336 [B&F: 1266] Cydia pactolana (Zeller, 1840)


Endangered (proposed as a future Red Data Book species) in coniferous woodland and plantations in parts of south-eastern England. In Hampshire the first British specimen was taken at Alice Holt, North Hampshire, in June 1965. Since then, four specimens have been caught in Botley Wood, South Hampshire, on different dates between June 1976 and June 1985. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 13-14 mm. Differs from C. cognatana by its relatively broader wings and, in the forewing, by the absence of a distinct medio-dorsal blotch and the presence of a violaceous iridescence in the metallic plumbeous striae [Bradley]. Larva feeds within bark of Norway Spruce and European Larch.

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VC11 South Hampshire
Botley Wood (SU50)01-Jun-1976oneAppleton, DAdult
Botley Wood (SU50)19-Jun-1983oneLangmaid, JR; Sterling, DHAdult
Botley Wood (SU51)07-Jun-1984oneLangmaid, JR; Sterling, DH; Sterling, PHAdult
Botley Wood (SU50)02-Jun-1985oneLangmaid, JR; Pelham-Clinton, EC; Sterling, DHAdult

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