Main: (Crambidae / Pyraustinae)
63.026 [B&F: 1374a] Sclerocona acutellus (Eversmann, 1842)


Suspected rare immigrant, or perhaps accidentally imported, from central Europe. The first three national records, at Leckford, Hampshire on 8 August 1988, Virginia Water, Surrey on 13 June 1989 and Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire on 20 June 1995 were thought to refer to genuine migrants. Subsequent records, including three between 13 June and 5 July 1999 in a garden in Exeter in close proximity to a newly-thatched cottage, and probably all preceding records, are believed to have originated from reeds imported from central Europe for thatching cottages. However, in 2010 a thriving colony was discovered at Afton Marshes, IoW and has been recorded annually ever since; the origin of this population is unknown, nor indeed how long it may have been at this site - primary immigration would seem to be more than plausible. Wingspan 25-30 mm. Larva feeds on Common Reed.

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Detail records

VC10 Isle of Wight
Afton Marsh (SZ38)21-Jun-2010fiveHalsey, JAdult
Afton Marsh (SZ38)19-Jul-2010sixHalsey, JAdult
Afton Marsh NR (SZ38)26-Jun-201112Halsey, JAdult
Afton Marsh NR (SZ38)27-Jun-2012fiveHalsey, JAdult
Afton Marsh (SZ38)26-Jun-2014fourClarke, JHAdult
Afton Marsh (SZ38)29-Jun-2014oneClarke, JHAdult
Afton Marsh (SZ38)03-Jul-2014oneElliott, BAdult
Afton Marsh (SZ38)25-Jun-2015oneClarke, JHAdult
VC12 North Hampshire
Leckford (SU33)08-Aug-1988oneSterling, DHAdult
Cholderton Lodge (SU24)12-Jul-2013oneNorriss, TJ; Fomison, L; Edmunds, HAdult

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