Main: (Pterophoridae / Pterophorinae)
45.017 [B&F: 1508c] Small Scabious Plume (Stenoptilia annadactyla) Sutter, 1988


Separated from S. bipunctidactyla by Sutter in 1988, this species was first recognised in Britain in 2005 by Colin Hart, who reared larvae found on flowerheads of Small Scabious from the Breckland District of East Anglia. Wingspan 20-24 mm. The wings are almost identical with those of S. bipunctidactyla, although in fresh specimens the blackish mark in the cilia of the anal angle of the first lobe is more distinct on S. annadactyla; records need to be confirmed at least by taking the specimen, and dissection will probably be required. Larva feeds on flowerheads of Small Scabious.

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