Main: (Hesperiidae / Hesperiinae)
57.008 [B&F: 1529] Silver-spotted Skipper (Hesperia comma) (Linnaeus, 1758)


Restricted to closely-grazed chalk downland sites in southern England, formerly extending from Somerset in the west to as far north as Westmorland and North-east Yorkshire; its range contracted in the 20th century due to a reduction in grazing both by livestock and rabbits following the advent of myxamotosis. However as these factors have reversed, so too have the fortunes of the Silver-spotted Skipper and this is one of the few species that is increasing its range. In Hampshire found in most good quality downland habitat from Martin Down in the west, and across the South Downs from sites such as Old Winchester Hill, Stockbridge Down and Oxenbourne Down. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 28-30 mm. Larva feeds on Sheep's-fescue.

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