Main: (Pieridae / Pierinae)
58.004 [B&F: 1554] Dappled White (Euchloe simplonia) (Freyer, 1829)


Four British sightings: two males, along with a female Bath White, were caught by a schoolboy in August 1887 on the Castle Heights in Dover and are considered to be "doubtfully genuine", with another two specimens caught in a field near Warwick on 9th May 1948. While the latter were included in a migration report for the year, given the central location, it is more likely that they were accidentally imported with animal foodstuff or seeds, and it is therefore somewhat surprising that this species is included in the main British list. Wingspan 40-48 mm. In Europe, common in flower meadows and rough grassland throughout much of Iberia and southern France, where the larva feeds on flowers and seedheads of White Mustard, Buckler-mustard, Wild Radish and Wild Candytuft.

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