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59.020 [B&F: 1606] High Brown Fritillary (Fabriciana adippe) ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)


Protected under the UK Wildlife and Countryside Act, and a priority species under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, found in woodland clearings, rough grassland and south-facing hillsides in parts of south-western England, Cumbria and the Malvern Hills; mainland Europe and southern Scandinavia. In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight was historically common in woodlands throughout but had declined drastically by the Second World War and became pretty much confined to the New Forest. Last seen on Wight in the 1950s and in the New Forest, Hampshire in 1987. Wingspan 60-67 mm. Best distinguished from Dark Green Fritillary by pattern on underside of the hindwing. Larva feeds on Common Dog-violet.

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VC11 South Hampshire
South Oakley Inclosure, Burley, NF (SU20)1930-Anon-
Linford Brook Valley (SU10)1960-Anon-
Roe Inclosure, NF (SU20)1960-Anon-
Stubby Copse Inclosure (SU30)1962-Anon-
Broadley Inclosure, NF (SZ29)1967-Anon-
Holmsley Inclosure, New Forest (SU20)1969-Anon-
Parkhill Inclosure (SU30)1969-Anon-
Wootton Coppice Inclosure (SZ29)1978-Anon-
Roe Inclosure, NF (SU10)1980-RWWAdult
Wootton Coppice (SZ29)1980-Tindale, AAdult
Broadley Inclosure, NF (SZ29)1980-Tindale, AAdult
Set Thorns Inclosure, NF (SZ29)1981-Tindale, AAdult
Wootton Coppice (SZ29)1981-Tindale, AAdult
Roe Inclosure, NF (SU10)1981-RWWAdult
Broadley Inclosure, NF (SZ29)1981-Tindale, AAdult
Set Thorns Inclosure, NF (SZ29)1981-Anon-
Burley New Inclosure (SU20)1982-RBGAdult
Holmsley, NF (SZ29)1983-APFAdult
Burley, NF (SU10)1983-APFAdult
Staplewood (SU30)1984-Freeborn, KAdult
Set Thorns Inclosure, NF (SZ29)1985-Smallbone, ACAdult
Bentley Wood (SU22)1986-SISAdult
Bentley Wood (SU22)1994-Gibbons, MAdult
Bentley Wood (SU22)1994-Gibbons, MAdult
Bentley Wood (SU22)1995-Gibbons, MAdult
VC12 North Hampshire
Ashford Hill (SU56)1980-Oates, MAdult

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