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70.104 [B&F: 1751] Devon Carpet (Lampropteryx otregiata) (Metcalfe, 1917)


Localised in damp woodland insouthern and south-western England, and southern and western Wales. Formerly quite scarce, the 21st century has seen a range expansion from the south-west northwards to Cumbria, across the Midlands into East Anglia. In southern Hampshire, not uncommon in parts of the New Forest, along the edges of damp rides, but very scarce in the north. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 27-30 mm. Most likely to be confused with Water Carpet L. suffumata, but differentiable as below.

While the patterning and wing coloration are quite similar in Lampropteryx otregiata and suffumata, the latter is consistently 25% larger than otregiata, with the forewings having a much sharper apex. The mostly darker median fascia is narrower, its outer boundary forming sharp points on the veins m1 and m2, while this area is more rounded on otregiata. Significantly, suffumata flies almost a month earlier, so when fresh specimens of Devon Carpet are on the wing, Water Carpet will be almost over.

Larva feeds on Marsh Bedstraw and Fen Bedstraw, over-wintering as a pupa.

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