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70.076 [B&F: 1779] Ruddy Highflier (Hydriomena ruberata) (Freyer, [1831])


Local on moorland, heathland, bogs and damp woodland, in Scotland, Wales and northern England, rarely in southern England. In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight recorded from all three vice-counties, but there are very few genuine records, and these are mostly from the New Forest. Wingspan 32-37 mm. The most likely confusion species are July Highflyer H. furcata and May Highflyer H. impluviata, which see for differences. Larva feeds on Eared Willow and Grey Willow, over-wintering as a pupa.

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Detail records

VC10 Isle of Wight
Appleford (SZ58)01-Aug-1933-Wakely, SLarval
Appleford (SZ58)01-Aug-1934-Wakely, SLarval
Freshwater (SZ38)01-May-1986-Knill-Jones, Sam Adult
Chale Green (SZ47)24-May-1992oneColenutt, SAdult
Freshwater (SZ38)01-Jun-1992oneKnill-Jones, SAAdult
Chale Green (SZ47)25-May-1994oneColenutt, SAdult
Totland (SZ38)26-May-2003oneKnill-Jones, Sam Adult
Totland (SZ38)26-Jul-2010oneKnill-Jones, Sam Adult
VC11 South Hampshire
Gritnam Wood (SSSI) (SU20)1976-Anon-
Lyndhurst (SU20)1976oneRISAdult
Gritnam Wood (SSSI) (SU20)1976-BRC-
Ashurst (SU31)1978twoCraik, JCAAdult
Ashurst (SU31)1978-BRC-
Ashurst (SU31)1978-Anon-
Highcliffe (SZ29)1980oneWild, EHAdult
Long Beech Inclosure (SU21)1982-Wells, JAdult
Sandleheath (SU11)1992-Hutchinson, N-
Churchplace Inclosure, Ashurst (SU30)01-Jun-1993-Anon-
Fordingbridge (SU11)01-Jul-1993-Hutchinson, NAdult
Shave Wood (SU21)26-Jul-1993-Poole, DW-
Lower Test Marshes NR (SU31)2001oneKing, SAdult
Lower Test Marshes NR (SU31)13-Jun-2001oneKing, SAdult
VC12 North Hampshire

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