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70.238 [B&F: 1918] Lunar Thorn (Selenia lunularia) (Hübner, [1788])


Local breeding in open woodland and scrub throughout the British Isles, usually in very small numbers; also an occasional immigrant to the south coast of England. In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight very erratic in appearance, occurring infrequently in mainly coastal locations. Historic records from VC12 North Hampshire have been rejected as unverifiable. Wingspan 39-44 mm. The most likely confusion species is Purple Thorn S. tetralunaria, which see for differences. Larva feeds on Ash, Dog-rose and Blackthorn, over-wintering as a pupa.

Updated December 2019, status review

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Detail records

VC10 Isle of Wight
Shalfleet (SZ48)1911oneJeffery, HGAdult
Osborne (SZ59)1929-Jeffery, HGAdult
Binsted (SZ59)02-Aug-1994oneWarne, BAdult
Cranmore (SZ39)30-May-1995-Waring, PAdult
VC11 South Hampshire
Balmer Lawn, NF (SU30)02-Jun-1983-Anon-
Denny Wood, NF (SU30)01-Aug-1986-Anon-
Sandy Point, Hayling (SZ79)23-Apr-1998oneSewell, PIVAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)19-Jul-2013oneGodfrey, KAdult
White Moor, NF (SU20)14-Jul-2019oneLewis, CAdult

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