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70.261 [B&F: 1937b] Lydd Beauty (Peribatodes ilicaria) (Geyer, [1833])


Very rare immigrant (less than 10 previous UK records) from woodland, parks and gardens in northern Europe, appearing on the south coast of England, first recorded at Lydd in Kent in August 1990; recorded for the first time in the region on the south-east coast of the Isle of Wight on 14 August 1996, with a second at the same site a few days later. Not recorded from Hampshire to date. Wingspan 28-32 mm. Can be confused with both Willow Beauty P. rhomboidaria, which has a pale apical patch on the underside of the forewing, and Feathered Beauty P. secundaria, which see for differences. Larva feeds on Pedunculate Oak, Evergreen Oak, Blackthorn, Silver Birch, Downy Birch, Wild Privet and various species of coniferous trees.

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VC10 Isle of Wight
Ninham (SZ58)14-Aug-1996one0Adult
Ninham (SZ58)18-Aug-1996one0Adult

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