Main: (Notodontidae / Cerurinae)
71.006 [B&F: 1996] Alder Kitten (Furcula bicuspis) (Borkhausen, 1790)


Local in woodland, thickets, copses and gardens, from Cornwall northwards through Wales and the west Midlands to south Lancashire, and in south-east England, Norfolk and Co. Durham. In Hampshire and Isle of Wight there is only one old record, at New Milton, in 1945, the specimen of which has been checked by Barry Goater. Wingspan 40-48 mm. Compared with Sallow Kitten F. furcula and Poplar Kitten F. bifida, the central band is almost black (not grey), and distinctly pinched at its mid-point. Larva feeds on Alder, Silver Birch and Downy Birch, over-wintering as a pupa.
Update: Status update, July 2020

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