Main: (Notodontidae / Thaumetopoeinae)
71.001 [B&F: 2022] Oak Processionary (Thaumetopoea processionea) (Linnaeus, 1758)


Rare immigrant from mainland Europe, appearing in southern England. It is expanding its range on the continent and is resident on the Channel Islands, and likely to be reported with increased frequency. While the Moths of Hampshire and Isle of Wight (Goater & Norriss, 2001) states "15 or so records of this species (all males), since the first in 1983" this account must be erroneous as the relevant atlas map shows no dots for the county and there are no reports on the county database from mainland Hampshire before two on consecutive days in mid-2004. On the Isle of Wight, reported for the first time in September 1998. The year 2020 saw a considerable increase in numbers and expansion of range, particularly into the north-east of Hampshire and Isle of Wight, with at least 26 individuals being reported. Wingspan male 31-35 mm, female 36-41 mm. Similar to Pine Processionary T. pityocampa, but has smaller and weaker comma-shaped marking in the centre of the forewing. Larva feeds on Sessile Oak, Pedunculate Oak, Turkey Oak and Evergreen Oak, living gregariously within a silken web.

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Detail records

VC10 Isle of Wight
Freshwater (SZ38)01-Sep-1998oneKnill-Jones, Sam Adult
Freshwater (SZ38)06-Sep-1998oneKnill-Jones, Sam Adult
Bonchurch (SZ57)19-Aug-2006oneHalsey, James Adult
Bonchurch (SZ57)31-Jul-2020fourHalsey, James Adult
Bonchurch (SZ57)01-Aug-2020oneHalsey, James Adult
Freshwater Cliffs (SZ38)09-Aug-2020oneDavies, Sue Adult
Wheelers Bay (SZ57)09-Aug-2020oneButler, Andy Adult
Bonchurch (SZ57)10-Aug-2020oneHalsey, James Adult
VC11 South Hampshire
Fareham (SU50)11-Aug-2004oneWheeler, Keith Adult
Portchester (SU60)12-Aug-2004oneStokes, Jon Adult
Romsey (SU32)25-Jul-2018oneBaker, MikeAdult
Milford on Sea (SZ29)31-Jul-2020oneMacmillan, Mary Adult
Lovedean (SU61)31-Jul-2020oneJafkins, Alan Adult
Portsmouth (SU60)01-Aug-2020oneThirlwell, Ian Adult
Southampton (SU41)01-Aug-2020oneVetterlein, John Adult
Catisfield (SU50)07-Aug-2020oneRobjohns, Amy Adult
Lee (SU31)08-Aug-2020oneThain, Chris Adult
VC12 North Hampshire
Farnborough (SU85)30-Jul-2020oneWills, Keith Adult
Farnborough (SU85)31-Jul-2020oneWills, Keith Adult
Fleet (SU85)06-Aug-2020oneGibbs, Abigail Adult
Farnborough (SU85)06-Aug-2020twoWills, Keith Adult
Farnborough (SU85)08-Aug-2020oneWills, Keith Adult
Yateley (SU86)08-Aug-2020oneHewitt, Josie Adult
Alton (SU73)09-Aug-2020oneAhmed, Belinda C Adult
Farnborough (SU85)10-Aug-2020oneWills, Keith Adult
Fleet (SU85)10-Aug-2020fourHalsey, Mike Adult

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