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72.018 [B&F: 2025] Scarce Vapourer (Orgyia recens) (Hübner, [1819])


A vulnerable Red Data Book species, on heathland, damp woodland, fens and bogs, in north-eastern England, restricted now to a few areas close to the Humber and in north-east Norfolk, a priority species under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. In Hampshire the last known locality for this species was Pamber Forest, and the last record was of two larvae found there in July 1944. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan male 34-40 mm, female wingless. The main confusion species is Vapourer O. antiqua, but O. recens lacks the white subapical spot of O. antiqua. Larva feeds on various broad-leaved trees and shrubs, including Hawthorn, Pedunculate Oak and Sessile Oak.

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Detail records

VC11 South Hampshire
VC12 North Hampshire
Pamber Forest (SU66)18-May-1934oneCole, GALarval
Pamber Forest (SU66)24-Jun-1934threeCole, GAAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)26-Jun-1934oneSymes, MJAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)1937-Baker, BLarval
Pamber Forest (SU66)24-Jun-1938oneSymes, MJAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)09-Jul-1944twoBaker, BLarval

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