Main: (Noctuidae / Xyleninae)
73.198 [B&F: 2261] Red-headed Chestnut (Conistra erythrocephala) ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)


Rare immigrant from mainland Europe, appearing in southern England, the numbers reported appears to be on the increase in recent years. Fairly frequent on the South Downs in the first half of the 20th Century, during which time possibly established in the area, but nowadays only a rare immigrant. In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight there were two in the Bournemouth district in 1902, after which none were recorded for over 100 years until a flurry of records from 2004 onwards, including three in 2006 and two in 2009. Wingspan 32-42 mm. Distinguished from slightly smaller Chestnut Conistra vaccinii by the two or three separated dark dots at base of reniform stigmata, which are diagnostic for the species (MBGBI Vol 10). Larva feeds on the buds of Oak, Elm and Hornbeam, then later on various herbaceous plants, including Dandelion, Ribwort Plantain and Bedstraw, very limited evidence of breeding in the UK.

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VC10 Isle of Wight
Bonchurch (SZ57)13-Feb-2004oneHalsey, James Adult
Cranmore (SZ39)16-Nov-2004oneFletcher, Ian Adult
Luccombe (SZ57)28-Oct-2006oneSkinner, BAdult
Bonchurch (SZ57)16-Nov-2011oneHalsey, James Adult
Bonchurch (SZ57)19-Nov-2011twoHalsey, James Adult
Cranmore (SZ39)23-Nov-2011oneFletcher, Ian Adult
Bonchurch (SZ57)22-Dec-2018oneHalsey, James Adult
Bonchurch (SZ57)27-Feb-2019oneHalsey, James Adult
VC11 South Hampshire
Bournemouth (SZ09)1018oneRobertson, M&BAdult
Bournemouth (SZ09)1042oneHooker, WGAdult
Lymington (SZ39)30-Oct-2005-Durnell, Pete Adult
Great Linford (SU10)17-Oct-2006oneWesterhoff, Diana Adult
Sandy Point (SZ79)28-Oct-2006oneJohnson, Andy Adult
Hayling Island (SZ79)28-Oct-2009oneSpraggs, GSAAdult
Sandy Point (SZ79)30-Oct-2009oneJohnson, Andy Adult
VC12 North Hampshire
Harewood Forest (SU44)17-Feb-2012oneNorriss, Tim, Lynn Fomison, Brenda BishopAdult

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