Main: (Noctuidae / Xyleninae)
73.221 [B&F: 2268] Suspected (Parastichtis suspecta) (Hübner, [1817])


Local in fens, damp woodland, scrubby heathland and moorland throughout the British Isles. In Hampshire this species occurs in birch-heath country, mainly in the New Forest and the north-east. There are two records from the Isle of Wight, one very old. Wingspan 29-34 mm. Easily overlooked amongst the far more numerous rustic and minor species of high summer, but candidates can usually be picked out from these on the basis of size and wing-shape — look for a slightly arched costa, rounded termen, and somewhat pointed apex — rather variable in colour and intensity of markings, but often variable shades of red, with finely white-edged reniform and orbicular stigmata, and dentate black cross-lines often reduced or faint. Larva feeds on Silver and Downy Birch, and Sallow, over-wintering as an egg.

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