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73.089 [B&F: 2386] Mediterranean Brocade (Spodoptera littoralis) (Boisduval, 1833)


Very rare immigrant (less than 10 previous UK records) from southern Europe, appearing in southern England on six occasions between 1960 and 1998. In 1963 the species was found in numbers in glass-houses from southern England to the Midlands, and even Scotland. This infestation was traced to chrysanthemum cuttings with infected roots imported from the Canary Islands; it was eliminated by the next year, but larvae are still regularly found in imported fruit. In Hampshire a probable immigrant was taken at Lymington in September 1978, and the species is also occasionally found in imported bananas, tomatoes and other fruits. Not recorded from the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 34-38 mm. Larva feeds on fruits and vegetables such as Potato and Tomato, causing sufficient damage to be a serious pest in some areas.

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VC11 South Hampshire
Lymington (SZ39)13-Oct-1978onePickles, AJAdult

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