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73.095 [B&F: 2389] Pale Mottled Willow (Caradrina clavipalpis) (Scopoli, 1763)


Common in grassland, farmland and gardens throughout the British Isles. Widespread and common in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight. Wingspan 24-32 mm. Very variable in size, but easy to recognise by the series of four small dots along the costa of each forewing, the first, at about one quarter distance from the base of the wing, often the least obvious; one of a number of superficially similar, fairly nondescript moths, which are often difficult for beginners, Pale Mottled Willow is relatively common from spring to autumn, while Small Mottled Willow Spodoptera exigua and Dark Mottled Willow S. cilium are both migrants, and differ in the way in which they hold their wings at rest. Larva feeds on seeds of various grasses and cereal crops.

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