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72.072 [B&F: 2407] Purple Marbled (Eublemma ostrina) (Hübner, [1808])


Rare immigrant from southern Europe, with over 100 records of the adult in the British Isles; larvae and pupae have been found in some years, especially in the 1990s. In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight a scarce immigrant with about twenty records from all three vice-counties. Wingspan 18-25 mm. Could be confused with Small Marbled E. parva which is usually much smaller, and has the forewing postmedian fascia present, curved almost as a semicircle below the costa (MBGBI Vol 10). Larva feeds on flowers and seedheads of various thistles, no evidence of breeding in the UK.

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Detail records

VC10 Isle of Wight
Bembridge (SZ68)14/06/1858-IWNHSAdult
Bembridge (SZ68)11/08/1858-IWNHSAdult
Bembridge (SZ68)24/08/1858-IWNHSAdult
Freshwater (SZ38)1880-DaleAdult
Chale Green (SZ47)20-May-1992threeColenutt, SAdult
Freshwater (SZ38)26-Aug-1992oneKnill-Jones, Sam Adult
Bonchurch (SZ57)18-Jun-2006oneHalsey, James Adult
Atherfield (SZ48)14-Nov-2014oneDana, Dave Adult
VC11 South Hampshire
Sandy Down (SZ39)30-Oct-1952oneRobinson, PJMAdult
Chilling (SU50)15-May-1992onePotts, PMAdult
Bishops Waltham (SU51)08-Aug-1992oneFisher, JAdult
Beaulieu (SU30)15-Oct-1995oneIvon-Jones, BAdult
Knatchbull Close (SU32)18-Oct-2017oneBoswell, Simon A. Adult
VC12 North Hampshire
(SU54)1951-Not known-
Micheldever (SU54)30-Jun-1957oneDixon, CHAdult
Martyr Worthy (SU53)15-May-1969oneFfennell, DWHAdult
Martyr Worthy (SU53)23-May-1969oneFfennell, DWHAdult
Selborne (SU73)01-Oct-1999oneAston, AAdult

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