Hantsmoths aims to provide full details of all the lepidoptera species that occur in the counties of Hampshire and Isle of Wight, and beyond, with good quality photographs, descriptions, distribution maps and details of annual occurrence and phenology patterns.

Species Accounts: The main body of the site - all British species are included, the majority of which have been actually photographed in the two counties, but where no such image is available, or better quality representative images have been obtained elsewhere, these are included.

Flying Tonight: See what is likely to be on the wing this week, or select any week of the year.

The photographs on this site are a result of the generosity of a large number of contributors from all over the country, or taken by myself. I would like to express particular thanks to my good friend Nick Montegriffo for the sterling work he has put in to expand the species narratives, a monumental task that I would not have had a chance to do so thoroughly myself.

I am always attempting to improve the quality and scope of the site, so if you have images of species that are not illustrated here, show different forms, or are of better quality than those currently shown, and are willing to share them, I would be more than happy to hear from you. I have a wishlist of species that are yet to be added, contributions for which would be gratefully received.

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A Request

If you have found Hantsmoths useful, and would like to contribute to the costs of the project and indeed, help it grow, please think about contributing via Patreon. My web-hosting fees tend to increase on an annual basis, and the site, and acting as county moth recorder as a whole, takes up a substantial amount of my free time, which I do for love of lepidoptera, so if you do feel you can help, I would be very grateful if you could visit my pages at Patreon. I am also grateful to Hampshire and Isle of Wight branch of Butterfly Conservation for their support of the site.