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Argyresthia ivella

Checklist Number
20.010 [B&F: 0409]

Record will require further evidence, at least a good photograph, unless CMR is aware recorder has confidence in identification


Authority:(Haworth, 1828)

A rarely encountered insect associated with orchards, and also on isolated wild apple trees, in England and Wales, as far north as Northumberland (MBGBI Vol 3). In Hampshire apparently formerly fairly widespread, but in recent years has only been reported sporadically. First recorded on the Isle of Wight at Newtown in 2011. Wingspan 10-12 mm.

Interestingly, the specific name ivella was coined as Haworth saw the Roman numerals 'IV' in the wing markings.

Despite what is quoted in most literature, the caterpillar of this species still seems to be largely unknown and like many species, references are handed down based on dubious sources: in MoGBI, the larva is said to feed on apple and hazel, but it appears that this is not based on primary information. Friese (1973: 733) urged his lepidopterologist colleagues: "Collectors should pay particular attention to this...rarely found species; further observations to clarify the biology would be very desirable. As with A. retinella, care must be taken to ensure that "The plant on which the butterflies are found does not have to be identical to the food plant for the caterpillars." A request that remains unchanged half a century later.

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Records by week (adult)

Records by week (larval)

VC10 Isle of Wight

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Walter's Copse, Newtown (SZ49)03/07/2011oneDave CookeAdult
Walter's Copse, Newtown (SZ49)09/07/2011oneDave CookeAdult

VC11 South Hampshire

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Brockenhurst (SU30)1900-W Fassnidge-
NF (SU20)1900-Victoria County Hist of Hants & IW 1900-
Whitley Wood, NF (SU20)1900-W Fassnidge-
Baddesley Great Covert (SU41)24/07/1935oneW FassnidgeAdult
Baddesley Great Covert (SU41)05/06/1936oneW FassnidgeAdult
Baddesley Great Covert (SU41)17/08/193610W FassnidgeAdult
Baddesley Great Covert (SU41)12/07/1939oneW FassnidgeAdult
Lyndhurst (SU30)1960-David J L Agassiz-
Minstead (SU21)23/08/1970-L W SiggsAdult
Rowner (SU50)30/07/1976oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Hollands Wood, NF (SU30)25/07/1977oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Sparsholt (SU43)18/04/1981-J R Langmaid, D H, P H SterlingLarval
Holmsley Inclosure, NF (SU20)01/07/1982-P N Siddons-
Pigbush, NF (SU30)01/07/1982-P N Siddons-
Mallard Wood, NF (SU30)03/07/1982-J R Langmaid, D H, M J SterlingAdult
Waterlooville (SU61)24/07/1999-Richard J MooreAdult
Pennington (SZ39)25/07/2003oneRichard CoomberAdult
Rowner (SU50)2006oneJonty DentonAdult
Merritown Heath (SZ19)04/07/2015oneDavid FootAdult

VC12 North Hampshire

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Itchen Abbas (SU53)1960-D W H FfennellAdult
Alice Holt (SU84)1960-T G WinterAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)14/08/1976oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Leckford Estate (SU33)12/07/1981-J R Langmaid, D H, P H SterlingAdult
Martyr Worthy (SU53)16/07/1987oneD W H FfennellAdult
Eelmoor Marsh SSSI (SU85)23/08/1997-David G GreenAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)22/06/2003oneGraham DennisAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)07/06/2016oneGraham J DennisAdult
Silchester (SU66)26/07/2016oneGraham J DennisAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)17/07/2018oneMark Hammond, Keith Tailby, Graham DennisAdult
Axmansford (SU56)13/07/2020oneAndy C BoltonAdult
Great Haughurst Copse, Axmansford (SU56)20/08/2021oneAndy C BoltonAdult

VC22 West Berkshire (Hants county)

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Mortimer West End (SU66)17/06/1994oneGraham DennisAdult