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Argyresthia curvella

Checklist Number
20.015 [B&F: 0414]

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Authority:(Linnaeus, 1761)

Local in gardens and orchards throughout England and Wales, extending to Perthshire and the Western Isles in Scotland (MBGBI Vol 3). In Hampshire rather uncommon, given its reputation as a pest in orchards, but perhaps under-recorded: the first records for the Isle of Wight since 1925 were reported in 2022. Wingspan 10-12 mm. Similar to A. sorbiella, from which it is distinguished by its smaller size and the colour of the markings which are almost greyish brown on a clear white ground colour (MBGBI Vol 3). Larva mines buds and shoots of Apple, causing sufficient damage to be a serious pest in some areas, over-wintering as an egg.

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VC10 Isle of Wight

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Shanklin (SZ58)11/06/2022oneIain OutlawAdult
Shanklin (SZ58)17/06/2022oneIain OutlawAdult

VC11 South Hampshire

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Southampton (SU41)19/06/1936twoW FassnidgeAdult
Southampton (SU41)26/06/193720W FassnidgeAdult
Rowlands Castle (SU71)1960-F C StanleyAdult
Farlington Marshes HIWWT NR (SU60)16/07/197321D H SterlingAdult
Curbridge HWT NR (SU51)14/08/1974oneUnknown-
Catisfield (SU50)29/06/1980oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Matley Bog, NF (SU30)1981-D H, M J & P H Sterling-
Matley Bog, NF (SU30)11/07/1981-J R Langmaid, D H, P H SterlingAdult
Mallard Wood, NF (SU30)03/07/1982-J R Langmaid, D H, M J SterlingAdult
Southsea (SZ69)19/06/1983oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Southsea (SZ69)11/06/1989oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Southsea (SZ69)04/06/1993oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Fareham (SU50)26/06/1993oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Bitterne (SU41)11/06/1997onePhil BuddAdult
Bitterne (SU41)24/08/2000onePhil BuddAdult
Wickham Common (SU51)16/06/2001oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Wickham Common (SU51)19/06/200120Richard J DicksonAdult
Southsea (SZ69)25/06/2001oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Wickham Common (SU51)04/06/2002threeRichard J DicksonAdult
Christchurch (SZ29)15/06/2003oneRobert A ChapmanAdult
Funtley (SU50)02/06/2004oneMaurice OpieAdult
Duckhole Bog, NF (SU20)18/06/2006oneRussell B WynnAdult
Funtley (SU50)22/06/2009oneMaurice OpieAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)19/07/2010oneKeith GodfreyAdult
Winchester (SU42)30/07/2010oneTim WalkerAdult
Hurn (SZ19)03/06/2011oneMike JeffesAdult
Holbury (SU40)06/09/2012oneKeith PlumridgeAdult
Romsey (SU32)18/06/2017oneMike BakerAdult
Tuckton, Bournemouth (SZ19)25/06/2018oneAnn PardyAdult
Fareham (SU50)16/06/2021oneIvor McPhersonAdult
Muscliffe (SZ09)08/06/2023oneKingfisher BarnAdult

VC12 North Hampshire

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Woolmer Forest (SU83)19/06/1980-John R LangmaidAdult
Woolmer Forest (SU73)19/06/1980-J R Langmaid, E C Pelham-Clinton, R J HeckfordAdult
Medstead (SU63)02/07/1980-F H N SmithAdult
Leckford Estate (SU33)14/07/1981oneD H SterlingAdult
Selborne (SU73)1993-Alasdair AstonAdult
Farnborough (SU85)1994twoR W ParfittAdult
Selborne (SU73)1994-Alasdair AstonAdult
Basingstoke (SU65)16/06/2004oneMike WallAdult
Hook Common HWT reserve (SU75)01/07/2006oneMike Wall, Paul Boswell, Alison Cross et alAdult
Sherborne St John (SU65)11/06/2007oneMike WallAdult
Winchfield (SU75)07/06/2008oneTim Norriss & Mike WallAdult
Basingstoke (SU65)03/07/2008oneMike WallAdult
Deadwater Valley (SU83)13/06/2009oneNick Montegriffo, Mike WallAdult
Ropley (SU63)04/06/2011oneTim Norriss, Lynn FomisonAdult
Basingstoke (SU54)13/06/2014oneGlyn HenwoodAdult
Yateley (SU86)22/06/2016oneJosie HewittAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)17/09/2016oneGraham J DennisAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)04/09/2017oneGraham J DennisAdult
Pamber Forest (SU66)15/06/2020oneGraham J DennisAdult
Great Haughurst Copse, Axmansford (SU56)10/06/2021oneAndy C BoltonAdult
Minley Wood (SU85)21/06/2021twoBen DaleAdult
North Waltham (SU54)03/06/2022oneAndy JonesAdult

VC22 West Berkshire (Hants county)

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Mortimer West End (SU66)19/06/2004oneGraham DennisAdult
Mortimer West End (SU66)09/06/2020oneGraham J DennisAdult
Mortimer West End (SU66)10/06/2021oneGraham J DennisAdult