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Coleophora binderella

Checklist Number
37.030 [B&F: 0512]

Record requires retention of specimen until confirmed, and may require dissection. Consult with CMR if unsure


Authority:(Kollar, 1832)

Local in alder carr, woodland and heaths in Britain, as far north as Inverness-shire; recorded in Ireland only from Cos Kerry and Leith. In Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight widely distributed, but rather infrequent with only about two or three records annually. Wingspan 8-12 mm. Like many of the Coleophora, imagines are virtually impossible to identify without recourse to dissection, and the larvae, which live in cases of characteristic form and which can sometimes be found on the foodplant, may be easier to identify by comparison against a reference collection. Larva mines leaves of Alder, Hazel, Birch and Hornbeam, living within a movable case.

The abundance in each month is indicated as follows:

No records
Very occasional
Off-peak, but not unusual
Off-peak, but not unusual
Main flight time

Records by week (adult)

Records by week (larval)

VC10 Isle of Wight

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Yarmouth (SZ38)1926-W FassnidgeCase
Yarmouth (SZ38)27/05/1969-J M Chalmers-HuntCase
Alverstone (SZ58)21/09/1977-AMEmmet, EC Pelham-Clinton, Dr JD Bradley, RWJ UffenCase
Gatcombe Withy Bed (SZ58)14/06/1996-M F BiggsMine
Gatcombe Withy Bed (SZ58)14/06/1996-J K BowersMine
Gatcombe (SZ58)14/06/1996-David BiggsLarval
Newport (SZ59)25/05/1999-David BiggsCase
Eaglehead and Bloodstone Copses SSSI (SZ58)04/06/2000twoJim M ChevertonLarval
Newport (SZ48)07/06/2005-David BiggsMine

VC11 South Hampshire

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Havant (SU70)20/05/1978fiveJ R LangmaidCase
Hen Wood, East Meon (SU62)27/05/1978-J R LangmaidCase
Southwick (SU60)28/07/1984oneJ R Langmaid, D H SterlingCase
Botley Wood (SU50)21/05/1990oneRichard J DicksonCase
Botley Wood (SU50)04/06/1990oneRichard J DicksonCase
Southsea (SZ69)20/07/1991oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Ashurst, NF (SU31)12/07/1993oneJ R LangmaidCase
Fareham (SU50)13/07/1994oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Southsea (SZ69)28/07/1996oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Southsea (SZ69)03/08/1996oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Hamble (SU41)07/10/1996oneJ R Langmaid, A M Emmet, A M DavisCase
West Meon (SU62)26/05/1997oneJ R Langmaid, I R ThirlwellCase
Bishops Waltham Moors (SU51)17/07/1998-David G GreenAdult
The Moors NR, Bishop's Waltham (SU51)17/07/1998-David G GreenAdult
Hillier Arboretum (SU32)21/07/1998-Tim Norriss, Phil Budd, Dave GreenAdult
IBM site, Portsmouth (SU60)15/05/1999-J R LangmaidCase
Wickham Common (SU51)31/05/1999threeRichard J DicksonCase
Fareham (SU50)04/07/2001oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Wickham Common (SU51)12/06/2002oneRichard J DicksonCase
Common Meadow (SU51)19/07/2002oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Southwick (SU60)21/05/2003oneJ R Langmaid, B ElliottCase
Common Meadow (SU51)26/05/2003oneRichard J DicksonAdult
Southsea (SZ69)09/07/2003oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Southsea (SZ69)09/07/2004oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Southsea (SZ69)09/07/2006oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Southsea (SZ69)07/06/2007oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Portsmouth (SU60)05/05/2008oneJ R Langmaid, I R ThirlwellCase
Southsea (SZ69)23/07/2008oneJ R LangmaidAdult
Botley Wood (SU51)16/06/2009oneKeith WheelerAdult
Fareham (SU50)06/06/2010twoRichard J DicksonLarval feeding signs
Portsmouth (SU60)22/07/2021oneIan ThirlwellAdult

VC12 North Hampshire

Site Date Quantity Recorder Stage
Abbotstone Down (SU53)01/06/1993-J R Langmaid, D H Sterling, R J B HoareCase
Yateley Common (SU85)23/09/1994twoJ R Langmaid, A M DavisCase
Harewood Forest (SU44)14/05/1996oneJ R Langmaid, D O'KeeffeCase
Fleet Pond (SU85)21/04/1998-David G GreenLarval
Wildhern (SU35)20/07/1998-David G GreenAdult
St Johns Copse, Oakley (SU55)05/08/1998-David G GreenAdult
Wildhern (SU35)30/07/1999-David G GreenAdult
Church Crookham (SU75)24/05/2003oneRob EdmundsLarval
Pamber Forest HIWWT NR (SU66)09/06/2004oneGraham DennisAdult
Fleet (SU75)01/05/2005oneRob EdmundsLarval
Headley Gravel Pit HIWWT NR (SU56)03/07/2010-Graham Dennis & Mike WallAdult
Headley Gravel Pit HIWWT NR (SU56)15/05/2011-Mike WallMine (vacated)
Basingstoke (SU65)29/07/2011oneMike WallAdult
Stockbridge Down (SU33)06/06/2016oneJ R Langmaid, M R YoungCase