Photo © Mike Wall

Acleris abietana

Checklist Number
49.067 [B&F: 1059]

Record will normally be accepted but photo evidence may be required - check with CMR if not sure of identity


Authority:(Hübner, [1822])

Nationally scarce (Na) in coniferous woodland in parts of northern England and Scotland, where first discovered in Perthshire in 1965. Unlikely to be recorded in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight. Wingspan 18-25 mm. Superficially similar to A. hastiana but distinguished by the more numerous and prominent scale-tufts of the forewing and the roughened scales of the costa, which in A. abietana are longer and more pronounced than in any other of the British Acleris species [Bradley]. Larva feeds on Norway Spruce, living between needles spun together with silk.