Photo © Mike Wall

Scarce Swallowtail

Iphiclides podalirius

Checklist Number
56.002 [B&F: 1540]

Record will require further evidence, at least a good photograph, unless CMR is aware recorder has confidence in identification


Authority:(Linnaeus, 1758)

Very rare immigrant (less than 10 previous UK records), with at least some of the records probably arising from deliberate release or accidental importation. Not reliably recorded in the wild in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight; the dot on the map for the Island most likely originated from Butterfly World which is c.5 miles away from the site of observation. Common in dry open areas, woodland edges, gardens and orchards; 0-1500 m throughout much of mainland Europe, more numerous in the south. Wingspan 64-90 mm. Larva feeds on Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Rowan, Plum and other fruit trees.