Photo © David G Green

Speckled Footman

Coscinia cribraria

Checklist Number
72.032 [B&F: 2053]

Record requires retention of specimen until confirmed, and may require dissection. Consult with CMR if unsure


Authority:(Linnaeus, 1758)

An endangered Red Data Book species, on heathland, in Dorset, a priority species under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. This species declined greatly in the early part of the 20th Century and no confirmed breeding localities are currently known. Recent records of probable resident moths are confined to a few heathland sites in the Wareham area of south-east Dorset. In Hampshire likely habitats in the New Forest, where it was last reported in 1960, have been sought without success. However, it is possible it may reappear in some of its old Hampshire haunts which have not been destroyed by development.
The continental subspecies arenaria, a rare immigrant to the south coast of England, has occurred once in Hampshire, at Chandlers Ford in June 1945. Neither subspecies has been recorded on the Isle of Wight to date. Wingspan 33-40 mm. Fairly unmistakable amongst the macros, but could be over-looked amongst superficially similar micros. Larva feeds on Bristle Bent, Heather, Bell Heather, Cross-leaved Heath and Bilberry.