Photo © Keith Tailby

Cousin German

Protolampra sobrina

Checklist Number
73.367 [B&F: 2116]

Record will require further evidence, at least a good photograph, unless CMR is aware recorder has confidence in identification


Authority:(Duponchel, [1843])

A rare Red Data Book species, in pine woodland, birch woodland and scrub in parts of the Scottish Highlands, a priority species under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Unlikely to be recorded in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight. Wingspan 34-39 mm. Some forms of Square-spot Rustic Xestia xanthographa have the dark reniform spot and postmedian row of dots but the forewing is less ample and the glaucous tinge absent; the hindwing is paler and has a more sharply defined border. Some moorland forms of Ingrailed Clay Diarsia mendica are very glaucous, but the markings are more clearly defined and a small, black claviform dot is present. Male Barred Chestnut Diarsia dahlii has a more rust-coloured forewing with clearer markings, and in this species, too, the black claviform dot is present (MBGBI Vol 9). Larva feeds on Bilberry, Heather, Eared Willow and Birch.