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This site is about to undergo an overhaul, as I have been a bit dormant since 2013 and have got behind in providing updates. This autumn should see it being brought up to date, so thanks for your patience!

Good quality photographs of species missing from the archive, or of different forms (provided they illustrate one that occurs in the county) are always welcomed. In some cases poorer quality pictures have been included where necessary to at least enable the species to be illustrated alongside the description.

Latest Updates:

  • May 2011: Maps up to and including 2010 now online.
    December 2010: Contributions from John Langmaid's private collection and the collection of the British Museum (Natural History) in London, and many more.
  • February 2010: 4000 photographs exceeded with an excellent series of European specialities from Dave Green.
  • December 2009: A collection of butterflies has finally been added, courtesy of Nick Montegriffo - these will be enhanced in coming weeks. Dave Green has contributed a number of missing species, and we're creeping closer to the 4000 photograph mark.
  • November 2009: Larval thumbnails added to family pages - by popular request!; conversion to PHP; grateful thanks to Dr John Langmaid for granting me access to his extensive collection which has enabled the addition of many rare pyralids, and for lunch; Nick Montegriffo has provided many new and revised texts.
  • August 2009: The launch of Hantsmoths v2.0 - the most significant re-design of the website since its launch in 2002, just in time for the site's 4th anniversary in October. Popup displays of flight-time graphs and maps, and scrollable gallery of available photos, designed to enhance the visual impact of the site and increase its usability and visibility to search engines.
  • April 2009: The first Hantsmoths newsletter is published. Further updates from the 2008 season
  • March 2009: A further 91 photographs uploaded from the 2008 season, with thanks to Richard Coomber for his assistance in post-processing these for web publication.
  • February 2009: Nick Montegriffo has kindly undertaken to update and revise the species accounts, and these will be updated on a rolling basis. 75 photographs uploaded from the 2008 season.
  • June 2008: Navigation further updated to display thumbnails for each photo within a species page. Some outstanding contributions cleared - apologies for the delay.
  • May 2008: Major update thanks to images received from Keith Tailby, with over 260 of his excellent photographs - many of which are scarce and local species from all over the country - and from Dave Green, with over 80images including many new larvae. Additional updates from Russell Wynn and Nick Montegriffo.
  • April 2008: website format revamped to resize automatically depending on user's screen-size, and navigation improved
  • January 2008: over 100 images uploaded care of Andy Mitchell.

Contributors: Firstly, I would like to thank Nick Montegriffo for undertaking the task of updating all of the species accounts. Without his help, it is probably a job I would never get round to completing.

Secondly, a sincere thanks to the increasing number of contributors of photographs to the site - as photographs are without doubt the main reason why people use Hantsmoths, without their assistance my task would be so much harder. Whilst the majority of photographs here are my own (2,427 to date!), some 146 others have provided material, from both within the county and increasingly from further afield. In descending order of the number of photos hosted (in brackets), I would like to thank the following for providing photographs :

David G Green (604), Keith Tailby (283), Andy Mitchell (240), Rob Edmunds (119), Nick Montegriffo (117), Tim Norriss (117), Ian Thirlwell (52), Glynne Evans (40), Pete Eeles (40), Pat Clements (33), Paul Boswell (26), Charlie Streets (25), Dan Houghton (23), Dave Hamilton (23), Shane Farrell (23), Simon Ingram (22), Dave Cooke (21), Richard Coomber (21), Russell Wynn (17), Svein Bekkum (15), Stephen Rolls (14), Peter Allen (13), George Spraggs (12), Eamonn O'Donnell (10), Pete Durnell (10), Alison Cross (9), Mike Baker (9), Andy Collins (7), Jon Clifton (7), Tony Davis (7), Chris Manley (6), Dave Grundy (6), Jon Stokes (6), Pete Haynes (6), Andy Johnson (5), Colin Barnes (5), Damian Money (5), Liz Still (5), Bob Chapman (4), Brian Stone (4), Derek Mills (4), Graham Dennis (4), Ian Marshall (4), John Langmaid (4), Leon Truscott (4), Mike Duffy (4), Alan Jafkins (3), Andy Kirkham (3), David Jones (3), James Halsey (3), John Jennings (3), Mark Calway (3), Mark Trasenster (3), Peter Hooper (3), Steve Hatch (3), Andy Barker (2), Brian Goodey (2), Colin Baker (2), Debbie Allan (2), Donald Hobern (2), Gary Taylor (2), Ian Lindsay (2), Jan Haseler (2), John Cloyne (2), John Girdley (2), Keith Godfrey (2), Ken Noble (2), Les Finch (2), Mark Young (2), Martin Cade (2), Maurice Opie (2), Maurice Pugh (2), Nick Smith (2), Nigel Partridge (2), Nigel Peace (2), Pat Bonham (2), Paul Sterry (Nature Photographers) (2), Philip Barden (2), Richard Eagling (2), Robin Turner (2), Shirley O'Brien (2), Simon Woolley (2), Stuart Ball (2), Alain Cosson (1), Alan Cole (1), Andrew Bolton (1), Andrew Stanger (1), Barry Clark (1), Brian Hedley (1), Carol Jafkins (1), Charlie Fletcher (1), Chris Court (1), Dan Hoare (1), David Jewsbury (1), David Shute (1), Dominic Tantrum (1), Graham Stephenson (1), Ian Barton (1), Ian Ferguson (1), Ian Fletcher (1), Ian Keith Jones (1), Ian Kimber (1), Jean and Graham Jarvis (1), John Nicholls (1), John Shillitoe (1), John W Cooper (1), Jon Baker (1), Keith Wills (1), Les Hill (1), Malcolm Bridge (1), Marcus Ward (1), Margaret Cooper (1), Mark Parsons (Butterfly Conservation) (1), Martin Honey (1), Martin Pitt (1), Michel Billard (1), Mike Gwilliam (1), Mike Pearson (1), Mike Stoneman (1), Mike Wearing (1), Neil Money (1), Paul Clark (1), Peter Bolson (1), Peter Marston (1), Peter Thompson (1), Peter Vaughan (1), Richard Ford (1), Rob Harvey (1), Robert Chapman (1), Sarah Patton (1), Sarah Warriss (1), Sue Clarke (1), Tom Sleep (1), Tony Williams (1), Trevor Codlin (1), Vladimir Savchuk (Lepidoptera of Crimea) (1), and Winston Plowes (1)

In particular thanks goes to Alison C., Tim N., Paul B., Nick M., Peter H. and Jim A. for keeping me informed of local catches and allowing me the opportunity to photograph them, and to Tim for showing patience when I run off with interesting specimens in his collecting pots after a night trapping in the field! I owe you all a beer (not all at once!)....

The above has been taken from Butterfly Conservation's central MapMate database, with thanks to Tim Norriss for provision of the data.

Please note that the maps produced here from the Hampshire MapMate database may not contain all historical records, and a more complete picture of historic distribution (for the pyralids and macros) can be found in the 'Moths of Hampshire and Isle of Wight' as above. It is hoped that all historic records will eventually find their way onto Butterfly Conservation's database, and this will eventually be reflected here. As I often get photographs in to be included before the records themselves get onto the database, it is to be expected that discrepancies between the description of a photo for a species that is new to a given area, and the map, may occur.


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